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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Liquid Crystal Display LCD

The HD44780 dot-matrix liquid crystal display controller and driver LSI displays alphanumeric characters and symbols. It can be configured to drive a dot-matrix liquid crystal display when interfaced with a processor. A single HD44780 can display up to one 8-character line or two 8-character lines. The HD44780 supports 8 dot character fonts and 32 5 ´ 10 dot character fonts for a total of 240 different character fonts.

2.1 Function Description of LCD
The following section will introduce the user with some of the important features of the liquid crystal display, that are important for interfacing with the liquid crystal display through software.

2.1.1 Registers of LCD

The HD44780 has two 8-bit registers, an instruction register (IR) and a data register (DR). The IR stores instruction information, such as display clear and cursor shift, and address information for display data RAM (DDRAM) and character generator RAM (CGRAM). The DR temporarily stores data to be written into DDRAM or CGRAM and temporarily stores data to be read from DDRAM or CGRAM. Data written into the DR is automatically written into DDRAM or CGRAM by an internal operation. The DR is also used for data storage when reading data from DDRAM or CGRAM. When address information is written into the IR, data is read and then stored into the DR from DDRAM or CGRAM by an internal operation.

2.1.2 Busy Flag of LCD

When the busy flag is 1, the HD44780U is in the internal operation mode, and the next instruction will not be accepted. When RS = 0 and R/W = 1 (Table 1), the busy flag is output to DB7. The next instruction must be written after ensuring that the busy flag is 0. The following diagram can visualize the timing diagram for the busy flag check for the LCD.
instruction write busy flag check LCD how to check busy flag of LCD  DDRAM or CGRAM, Character Generator RAM
Checking the Busy Flag (BF) of LCD

2.1.3 Address Counter of LCD

The address counter (AC) assigns addresses to both DDRAM and CGRAM. When an address of an instruction is written into the IR, the address information is sent from the IR to the AC. Selection of either DDRAM or CGRAM is also determined concurrently by the instruction. After writing into (reading from) DDRAM or CGRAM, the AC is automatically incremented by 1 (decremented by 1). The AC contents are then output to DB0 to DB6 when RS = 0 and R/W = 1.

2.2 Initializing by Internal Reset Circuit of LCD

An internal reset circuit automatically initializes the HD44780 when the power is turned on. The following instructions are executed during the initialization. The busy flag (BF) is kept in the busy state until the initialization ends (BF = 1). The busy state lasts for 10 ms after VCC rises to 4.5 V.
1. Display clear
2. Function set:
DL = 1; 8-bit interface data
N = 0; 1-line display
F = 0; 5 ´ 8 dot character font
3. Display on/off control:
D = 0; Display off
C = 0; Cursor off
B = 0; Blinking off
4. Entry mode set:
I/D = 1; Increment by 1
S = 0; No shift

2.3 Pin Configuration

The pin configuration of LCD along with their functionality is shown below
Table 1: Pin Assignments of HD44780
Display on/off control Pin Configuration PIN number SYMBOL LEVEL Function of LCD

2.4 Instruction Set of LCD
Here is the instruction set summary of HD44780 LCD, also some explanation is provided in the following table.
Table 2: Instruction Set Summary of HD44780
Instruction Set Summary of HD44780

graphic lcd serial interface c code message display on small lcd screen with 8051 projects microcontroller at-89c51 based text editor cum moving message display l293d dc motor control

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Introduction of moving message display MMD using 8051

Introduction of Moving Message Display Using Liquid Crystal Display and Microcontroller 8051 family.

The objective of the project is to provide non-commercial and purely academic insight into microcontroller assembly programming. The over all goal of the project is to provide connectivity between a desktop computer, microcontroller and a HD44 compatible LCD.

Gold Rates Boards are widely used to display listing of product list, price list in corporate sectors, hotels, provision stores. Currency Display Board are widely used for displaying various currency rates at real time and thus find wide applications in various banks and money exchange counters.interest rate boards are in extensive usage and constantly in demand by various banks and money exchange counters.The microcontroller validates the SMS and then displays the. message in the LCD display board.

The end user will type the desired string on the desktop and the result can be displayed on the LCD, which is connected to the microcontroller on the circuit board. The end user also has access to attractive features to move the LCD display in a specified direction.

The LCD comes with a 14pin interface, which includes pins to receive power supply and ground as well. These 14pins have to be interfaced with microcontroller output ports to send instructions, which initialize the LCD in appropriate modes, and also to send data from the microcontroller is intended for display on the LCD output screen.

The microcontroller is interfaced with the desktop through a full-duplex serial port. The pins are utilized to send byte at a time. The byte sent from the desktop can consist of instructions for the LCD and the end user desired new string to be displayed on the LCD. The microcontroller is interfaced with the LCD with 11 pins. The pins are utilized to send byte at a time and three pins are utilized to set the instruction modes on the LCD. The details of their uses and the information they carry will be discussed in depth later on.

Functional Components of Moving Message Display MMD:

Main components used in the project are listed below:
• ATMEL 89C51 Microcontroller.
• HD44780 Liquid Crystal Display.
• Max 232 Serial Interface IC.

Block Diagram of the Functioning of the Moving message display:-

below is the block diagram of the moving messgae display using microcontroller.

LCD moving message display using microcontroller 8051 family MMD, microprocessor, LED text light, scrolling circuit diagram

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Interface of mobile phone with micro-controller

How To Interface a mobile Phone with micro-controller 8051 family like at89s51, at89s52, at89c2051 etc.The project is aimed at developing and testing the use of mobile phones to remotely control an appliance control system. The microcontroller would then control an device based on the information given to it. The proposed solution will need to be easy to use, simple, secure, robust and be useful on most mobile phones. To achieve this testing will need to be carried out to create a useful system.
The report consists of a background into the area of 8051 microcontroller and mobile communication, how they are interfaced to each other and AT (Attention) commands set used in at command microcontroller

The simplist method to interface a mobile with microcontroller is use mobile phone which support AT Commands. By using this we can directly connect that phone via datacable to microcontroller kit at a baud rate of 9600 and you can send AT commands to that mobile to read and send sms or other data of interest. The first thing in this regard is to find a mobile phone with AT Commands. Recommendation is use sony erricson's 290i . You can use any other mobile suitable for this purpose. The same program with slight modifications for AVR microcontroller. Which avr microcontroller you want to use and what is the sensor you want to interface.
After connecting a mobile phone or GSM/GPRS modem to a computer, you can control the mobile phone or GSM/GPRS modem by sending instructions to it. The instructions used for controlling the mobile phone or GSM/GPRS modem are called AT commands. (AT commands are also used to control dial-up modems for wired telephone system.) Dial-up modems, mobile phones and GSM/GPRS modems support a common set of standard AT commands. In addition to this common set of standard AT commands, mobile phones and GSM/GPRS modems support an extended set of AT commands. One use of the extended AT commands is to control the sending and receiving of SMS messages.

This device acts as interface between your microcontroller project and a GSM phone. It handles all modem data communication between the GSM phone and your micro-project. The best thing is that it decodes PDU into TEXT on the fly! It’s based on PIC16F877A microcontroller running on 16MHz at 5V. It has an onboard level converter for serial communication with the gsm phone because PIC’s UART RX input pin has a Schmitt trigger triggering at 4,5 - 5V while the phone is sending only approx. 3V from it’s TX pin.
Control takes place by means of SMS (Short text Messages Service). When the mobile receives a predefined text message, like "alarm ON" or "Start pump", the circuit automatically recognizes it as a command, and switches the output accordingly.

At the componets level this project of mobile interfacing with microcontroller can be divided into these parts:-

1. Two mobile phones, one for general use and will be handled remotely, the second is specific mobile which will be interfaced with microcontroller 8051.

2. Microcontroller with necessary components inculding power supply, crystal, RS-232 components etc.

3. Interfacinf board, This is interfacinf board which will inculde the optocouplers, relays and other components required for interfacing of different input and output devices to microcontroller.

4. The hardware devices which are to be controlled through this projects will be connected to microcontroller usig above mentioned interfaing board.

The procdure for the mobile controlling of different hardware is very easy.

process begins on writing a SMS on mobile # 1, which will be transmitted to mobile # 2 through mobile networks. The second mobile will get that SMS and will transmit it to microcontroller via serial communication RS-232.
The micocontroller 8051 will check, if it is according to predefine commnad then, according action will be performed.

The whole process is explained in the diagram below.
Interface of mobile phone with micro-controller 8051

The device can be used as well to notify the status of the input port, sending automatically a message every time the input changes.To know input status at any time, the device can send back a SMS describing the status of the input, as a response to a request message.
GSM cellular phones can accept AT commands (more precisely an extension of the AT command set).
Serial Communication between mobile and Microcontroller:-
Many mobile have configuration to work on serial communication, i tried the following setting of serial communication 9600,N,8,1 on null modem. The mobile and microcontroller are configured on above setting and they worked fine.
Now it is time to do some communication with mobile using AT command:
The very basic command that can be used for serial communication check between microcontroller and mobile phone is "AT" command, so lets try it first. When microcontroller sends AT, then
AT (When microcontroller sends AT, then and the cell phone answered: )
OK (cell phone response)

The second command:-
First, tell the phone which memory to use for successive commands:

AT+CPMS="ME","ME" +CPMS: 7,15,7,15,7,15 (this string will be transferred from microcontroller)
OK (Acknowledge signal or message from mobile)

This instructs the mobile to use internal memory "ME" in place of the "SM" memory from the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) as default memory. Next, a message can be read from that memory specifying its number:
AT+CMGR=4 (To mobile from microcontroller)
the mobile replies as under:
+CMGR: 1,,27 0791934329005000040C9193433728501400001060314104350809D02A735A043DAB54

This is the fourth message, 1= received and read, 27 bytes long text, in PDU (Protocol Description Unit) format.
The PDU format is quite complex, as it contains many subfields packed together using different encodings. Among other things, it holds also service centre numbers, origin numbers, nation codes, a time stamp, and a descriptor of the character set used.

The next command frees precious mobile memory deleting the seventh message:


You can test mobile with AT, it responds with OK

Then you can enable the text mode with AT+CMGF=1, to enable text mode and wait for OK.

Then at AT+CMGS="+923011111111" (send this to mobile from microcontroller)
You can change above number with your desired phone number, you will get a > prompt and here put your message followed by ctrl+z.
"the sensor is active and pump is ON"+ctrl+z
If you get OK, your message will be tramsmitted.

AT+CMGS="+923016666666"Sending text messages is easy.

You can use AT+CSQ to test signal strength.

The above codes will work with Ericsson T10s, T28 and R320 only. for other mobiles find their codes.

example code for above communication is as under:

Download software/ code written for microcontroller 8051 to Interface of mobile phone with micro-controller
Interface of mobile phone with micro-controller

ericsson at command microcontroller



  • LED moving message diaply using PIC16f628 CD4017 and 74LS595 moving message display using 8051 microcontroller
    circuit diagram, layout, bloakdiagram of microcontroller-based moving message display powered by photovoltaic energy

  • This project is an implementation to provide interfacing and manipulative control of a HD44 compatible liquid crystal display using ATMEL 89C51 microcontroller. moving message display using 8051 microcontroller The software is able to display ASCII characters on the LCD display and also provides the additional and attractive feature of moving the display string in a unidirectional manner. The 89C51 microcontroller accepts string input from the desktop computer through parallel port interface between 89C51 microcontroller and desktop and display the string passed by the desktop user to the LCD Display.
    circuit diagram, layout, bloakdiagram of microcontroller-based moving message display powered by photovoltaic energy

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Introduction of Moving message display

    Chapter 2 Liquid Crystal Display

    2.1 Functional Description
    2.1.1 Registers
    2.1.2 Busy Flag
    2.1.3 Address Counter
    2.2 Initializing by Internal Reset Circuit
    2.3 Pin Configuration
    2.4 Instruction Set

    Chapter 3 Introduction to 89C51 Microcontroller

    3.1 Memory Organization
    3.1.1 General-Purpose RAM
    3.1.2 Bit-Addressable RAM
    3.1.3 Register Banks
    3.1.4 Special Function Registers
    3.2 Input/output Ports
    3.2.1 Port 0
    3.2.2 Port 1
    3.2.3 Port 2
    3.2.4 Port 3
    3.3 Interrupts
    3.4 Two 16-bit Timers
    3.5 Serial Interface
    3.5.1 MAX 232 Serial Interface IC

    Chapter 4 Hardware Aspects of MOVING MESSAGE DISPLAY USING ATMEL 89C51

    4.1 Serial Port to Microcontroller
    4.2 Microcontroller to LCD
    4.2.1 Enable Signal Connection
    4.2.2 Read/Write Signal Connection
    4.2.3 Instruction/Data Signal Connection
    4.2.4 Busy Flag

    Chapter 5 Programming Aspects of MOVING MESSAGE DISPLAY USING ATMEL 89C51

    5.1 Code Overview

    LED MOVING MESSAGES displays:-
    Light emitting diodes are advan- tageous due to their smaller size, low current consumption and catchy colours they emit.An LED message display sign provides more space to display your led moving message in one line. Brighter and multi-color LED's are available, to give your moving message signs maximum impact. Advertise your daily specials, new products and services. Announce upcoming events at a moment’s notice. Welcome VIPs, guests, or important customers with impact. Promote employee safety, quality and health awareness programs. Within minutes you will be creating dynamic messages using the BetaBrite’s WYSIWYG software and your PC, or by using the infrared remote keyboard (software, RS232 9-pin serial port cables and infrared keyboard included). The display can be fixed on a veroboard of suitable size and connected to ground of a common supply (of 6V to 9V) while the anodes of LEDs are to be connected to emitters of transistors T1 through T7 as shown in the circuit. LED Signs can be controlled from a central location by using a PC running Windows message software and data transmitter with receivers for wireless display network. LED signs deliver high impact advertising. Displays are available in single line scrolling signs, two and three line boards, electronic billboards, true color large video walls and stock tickers.
    circuit diagram, layout, bloakdiagram of microcontroller-based moving message display powered by photovoltaic energy

    LCD Message Display :-

    This LCD message display can show text with large characters on an 20*4 LCD module. The display can show five characters at a time. Each characters is build from twelve characters of the display module. The text on the display can be read from up to ten meters distance.

    The data to build each character is stored in an external 24C32 serial EEPROM which has 4096 bytes of memory. The characters that can be shown on the display are: A to Z and 0 to 9. There are in total 35 characters so we need 35*12 bytes = 420 bytes. The text is also stored in the EEPROM.

    It is also possible to show the time and temperature on the display.

    Previous Page

    1. Peter O. “How to Control a HD44780-Based Character-LCD”, 2005
    2. I. Scott M. “The 8051 Microcontroller”, Printice Hall, New Jersey,1999
    3. Wichit S. “RSS232C Level Detector”, 2002
    4. Hantronix Inc.,”Displaying Characters on an LCD Character Module”

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    Friday, May 6, 2011

    Development of Industrial scale weather station


    Abstract of the Microcontroller based weather station.

    The project weather station is based on microcontroller 8051. The data acquisition from the sensors is transferred to host computer using RS-232 serial communication protocols. The data received from serial port is then showed at the webpage.
    The project (weather onitoring station) is based on the application of 8051 microcontroller (any microcontroller of 8051 family can be used). The data logger detects the environmental conditions & gives the relevant information to the user about the weather conditions such as temperature,humidity,rain fall level (etc). The information can be of great use for the monitoring of weather for the agricultural and industrial purposes. The information can be received by the user by various means such as direct display over lcd which is in built in the module itself, through the sms & through the web. The data logger can be used for the industrial applications. It monitors the temperature & detects the other parameters of weathor present at the particular place on real time basis. The information of the same is forwarded by the data logger itself as a sms to the supervisor informing on his cellphone about the rise in temperature or in some cases the chnage of parameters. This economical device (microcontroller based) is of great use for industrial purposes.
    The MAXIM 168 A/D converter is used to convert the analog signals from the sensors to digital signals that are used for interpretation within the microcontroller 8051.
    Sensor used in this project are :
    i. Temperature sensors
    ii. Humidity sensors
    iii. Wind speed and direction sensors
    iv. Tripping bucket rainfall sensors

    i. Temperature sensors:
    There are many types and kinds of Temperature sensors used in different applications. Some types of Temperature sensors are as follows:
    Thermocouples | Resistance – RTDs & PRTs & SPRTs | Thermistors | Labels & Crayons & Paints (Phase Change Devices) | Glass Thermometers (LIG) | Filled Systems Thermometers | Bimetallic Thermometers (Bimetal) | Semiconductor Thermometers (Integrated Circuits or ICs & Diodes) | Liquid Crystal | Thermowells | | Extension & Compensation Cable | Connectors | Cold Junctions
    But here in our project we will use LM35 temperature sensor, which analog temperature sensor and easy to use in application like this. The microcontroller has do little in the regard.
    ii. Humidity sensors
    Relative humidity/temperature and relative humidity sensors are configured with integrated circuitry to provide on-chip signal conditioning. Absorption-based humidity sensors provide both temperature and %RH (Relative Humidity) outputs.
    The humidity sensor could be used:
    Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMT360
    HMT330,HMT360 ,HMT310 ,HMT120/130 ,HMD/W60/70 ,HMW80 ,HMD40/50 ,HMT300TMK
    HM44 ,HM70 ,HMI41 ,HMP155 ,OEM Modules ,HMM100 ,HMT330MIK ,DTR500 ,HMP60
    HMP110 ,HMK15 ,HM34 ,HIH-4000 Series ,HIH-3610 Series ,HIH Series
    But we will use HIH-4000 series humidity sensor in this project.

    iii. Wind speed and direction sensors

    Anemometer and wind vane with crossarm and power supply. Designed for demanding wind measurement applications. Vaisala Wind Set WA15 or Vaisala Wind Set WA25 or Vaisala Wind Sensor WM30 Combined mechanical wind speed and direction sensor. The WM30 is compact and light, rigid and affordable. Low power consumption makes it ideal also for mobile applications.Measures the horizontal wind speed using a Reed-contact which is activated by the revolution of the cup-star. Best price / performance-ratio for basic requirements, includes 20 m cable. Measures horizontal wind direction. The measuring values are output as ohmic resistance signals.
    iv. Tripping bucket rainfall sensors
    Vaisala DRD11A Rain Detector Vaisala Rain Detector DRD11A features fast and accurate precipitation detection (ON/OFF). The sensor operates via droplet detection rather than by signal level threshold. The capacitive principle utilizes the RainCap sensor plate. other sensors are QMR101
    QMR102 ,DRD11A ,RG13/RG13H

    The LCD display is displaying the main parameters of weather monitoring station which includes rainfall, air direction, soil moisture and humidity. As we already discussed The entire data is analog, these data is converted to digital data by ADC. The four channel digital signals are compared between exit and present data due to the embedded code; it is stored into flash memory of the microcontroller. The condition of the parameter is invalid then the microcontroller control motor and sprayer; it is depend on the wet or dry of soil and climates of the sky or heaven.
    Nomenclature used in the project is as under:
    MBE:-mean bias error
    RMSE:-root mean square error
    GSM:-global system of mobile communication
    GPRS:-general packet radio service
    RES:-renewable energy sources
    ADC:-analog-to-digital converter
    USART:-universal synchronous and asynchronous serial receiver and transmitter
    The Thermo-Hygrometer:-
    Thermo-Hygrometer is an important part of any weather monitoring station.
    The Thermo-Hygrometer measures outdoor temperature and relative humidity. Updating of information to the display unit occurs every 10-seconds.

    The Anemometer
    Anemometer is an important part of any weather monitoring station.
    The anemometer measures wind speed and direction. The anemometer wind speed operating range is up to 125 miles per hour and has a accuracy resolution of +/- (plus or minus) 0.4mph. In steady wind conditions the anemometer transmits new readings to the display unit once every minute; in gusty conditions, gust updating occurs every 14-seconds. Wind direction operating range is 0oF to 359oF. Data transmission to the display unit occurs every 5-seconds. The anemometer is powered by a solar cell with battery backup.

    The Rain Gauge
    Rain Gauge is an important part of any weather monitoring station.

    The Rain Gauge measures rainfall in millimeter increments reflecting current rainfall or accumulation of data from previous last reset. The Rain Gauge features a self-emptying rain collection unit. Daily rainfall sampling rate is every 24-hours
    WEATHER monitoring station,rain MONITORING outside the room, INSTRUMENT used for wind monitoring, temperature CONTROLler and display, humidity measuring SYSTEM, weather station USING microcontroller 8051, which MICROCONTROLLER is best for the weather monitoring project,final year project about WEATHER MONITORING AND INSTRUMENT CONTROL SYSTEM USING MICROCONTROLLER, Which are the WEATHER MONITORING AND INSTRUMENT SYSTEM USING MICROCONTROLLER ppt,A microcontroller-based data-acquisition system for meteorological station monitoring


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DAC (1) 8051 lift (1) 8052 OVERVIEW (1) 8052 simulátor (1) 8255 PPI (1) 8255 and RS232 (1) 82C55 PROGRAMMABLE PERIPHERAL INTERFACE (1) 8752 microcontrollers (1) 89c51 as pwm controller (1) 89s51 moving message display board (1) 89s51 LCD display Automatic programable temperature furnace (1) 89s51 LCD display LM 35 ADC0804 Temperature measurment (1) 89s51 LCD display Moving message decoded (1) 9 pin female connector (1) A/D CONVERTER ICS (1) A/D Converters (1) ADC (1) ADC 0804 (1) ADC Application (1) ADC Board to Arcturus uC5282 Interface (1) ADC converter (1) ADC0804 Analog to Digital Converter with CdS Sensor (1) ADDRESSES 88H (1) ADPCM (1) ALU of 8052 Microcontroller (1) APIS (1) AT Commands for Sending and Reading SMS through GSM Modem using PC (1) AT-commands set (1) AT89C51 based Humidity Detector (1) AT89S51 (1) AT90S8535 (1) ATMEL 89C51 (1) ATmega128 (1) ATtiny12 (1) Air Data Measurement (1) Airframe Transducer (1) Analog Ground and Digital Ground (1) Analog to Digital Conversion process (1) Analog to digital Converter ICs (1) Analog-to-digital converter (ADC ) (1) Android (1) Application of pressure sensor in process industry (1) Applications (1) Architecture of the 8051 Family (1) Arduino Boards (1) Arduino Commander (1) Arduino Communication (1) Arduino Complete Reference book (1) Arduino Cook Book Lite (1) Arduino Microcontroller (1) Arduino Quick Ref Lite (1) Arduino UNO Communicator (1) Assembly Language Code for automatic Car Parking system (1) Assembly Language code for Microcontroller 8051 project (1) Assembly Language program for LCD code (1) Assembly language (1) At89c2051 (1) Atmega microcontroller (1) Atmel ATmega (1) Atmel AVR (1) Atmel Microcontrollers (1) Automatic Plant Irrigation System with microcontroller AT89C2051 (1) BIT-ADDRESSABLE (1) Ball Valve (1) Basic Objective is to learn The Interfacing (1) Basic schematic circuit of optical encoder (1) Binding things together (1) Buffers (1) Busy Flag (BF) (1) C++ Program For Interface of Printer Port Of PC (1) C1383 (1) CD4094 CMOS IC (1) CGRAM (1) CPLD (1) Capacitance (1) Capacitance sensor (1) Car Parking System using Micro-controller 8051 (1) Central Processing Unit (1) Chapter 2 Liquid Crystal Display (1) Characteristics of a sensor (1) Clamp Diodes Limit High Speed Termination Effects (1) Clock Input to Improve Noise Margin (1) Code of Humidity Project (1) Code writing using 8051 (1) Collector (1) Comm1 (1) Compiling using keil c51 (1) Components of AutoMatic Car parking (1) Control Flow Diagram of Microcontroller Program (1) Control Mode (1) Controlling Solenoid with Microcontroller 8051 (1) Converting (1) Crestron (1) Cum Digital Clock (1) Cylindrical coil (1) D/A conversion rate (1) DAC-0800 (1) DAC08 (1) DAC0800 introduction (1) DAC0800 series (1) DATA MEMORY 8051 Memory Write Example Program (1) DB25 pin connector (1) DB9 pin connector for RS232 serial Communication (1) DDRAM (1) DDRAM or CGRAM and temporarily stores data (1) DEVELOPMENT OF MICROCONTROLLER EMULATOR (1) DS1285 (1) DS1307 program for microcontroller at89s51 or at89c2051 (1) DS1385 (1) DS1485 (1) DS1585 (1) DSP Library (1) DSP56ACD16 (1) DVD.CD (1) Data Bus Buffer (1) Data Types Used in C51 (1) Data acquisition Board (1) Data bus line 0 (LSB) (1) Design Considerations and Implications (1) Designing pressure transducer (1) Developers (1) Development of Industrial scale weather station (1) Difference between Simulator and Emulator (1) Differential linearity (1) Differential mode of communication (1) Digital 3-phase motor speed controller (1) Digital Clock Employing Memory Mapping (1) Digital Humidity Sensor (1) Digital Signal Capture (1) Digital Signal Processor (1) Digital Volume control for Inverter motor control (1) Displacement sensing mechanism (1) Display Data RAM (1) Display on or off control (1) Download Arduino Simulator free LCD Screen (1) Download and install Arduino GR (1) EEPROM with microcontroller at89s52 (1) Education (1) Eight LED interface with MCU 8051 (1) Electric power controller with TRIAC circuit (1) Electronic Humidity (1) Elevator Lift control for three stories with microcontroller 8051 (1) Embedded C (1) Enable signal for row 0 and 1 (1stcontroller) (1) Enable signal for row 2 and 3 (2ndcontroller) (1) Engineering (1) Establishing Serial Link (1) Eurofighter Typhoon (1) FPGA I2C (1) Fluid Level Detector (1) Free 8051 Microcontroller projects (1) Frequency meter (1) Fully static operation (1) Functional Description (1) GSM Modem (1) GSM based Home security system using microcontroller 8051 (1) GSM modem interfacing with microcontroller 8051 for SMS control of industrial equipments (1) GSM/ EDGE Modem in PCI Interface (1) Gadget Renesas (1) Gates (1) Graphic LCD JHD12864J (1) Graphic LCD T6963C (1) Hardware Aspects of Moving Message Display Project (1) Hardware and Software of Automatic Thermal Furnace Controller (1) Hardware specification (1) Heart rate (beats) Meter with Microcontroller AT89c51 (1) Heart rate meter (1) High Temperature Humidity (1) Home Humidity Sensor (1) Home Theater Remote Control (1) How to write Data on LCD (1) Humidity Display and Humidity Transducer sensor (1) Humidity Sensing (1) Humidity Sensor (1) INCREMENT/DECREMENT ROUTINE for motor in assembly language (1) INTR (end of conversion) (1) INTRODUCTION of Automatic Controlled Furnace (1) IRED (1) ISo image file (1) Image burner (1) Implementation Details of Humidity sensing project (1) Industrial Humidity Sensor (1) Industrial valves controller (1) InfraRed Sensor Interface (1) Infrared emitting diode (1) Input Ouput Ports of Microcontroller 8051 (1) Instruction set of liquid crystal display (1) Instrumentation and Data Acquisition (1) Integral linearity (1) Intel’s 8-bit MCS-51 Family of Microcontrollers (1) Interface Humidity Sensor with 8051 Microcontroller (AT89C1) (1) Interface of 4 line LCD with 8051 (1) Interface of mobile phone with micro-controller (1) Interfacing large load bank with Microcontroller 8051 port expander (1) Interfacing of DAC0800 with Microcontroller 8051 (1) Interfacing the ADC0804 to the AT89C51 (1) Interfacing with the LM35 (Temperature Sensor) (1) Internal Ram Organization of 8052 Microcontroller (1) Interpreting on Emulator using Pro51 (1) Interrupts (1) Introduction of The Automatic Car Parking using 8051 (1) Introduction of moving message display MMD using 8051 (1) Introduction serial Port RS-232 (1) Introduction to 89C51 Microcontroller (1) Keil C51 program for interface of Graphic LCd with micro-controller (1) Keypad 7-Segment LED interface with Microcontroller 8051 (1) LCD (1) LCD MMD (1) LCD interface to MCU (1) LCD interface with micro-controller 8051 (1) LCD interfacing with Microcontroller 8051 (1) LCD moving message display (1) LED Display driver (1) LED Grow Light Technology is Much Improved (1) LED display (1) LED matrix (1) LM324 (1) LM35 (1) LPT3 (1) LSI displays alphanumeric characters (1) LVDT (1) Lighting Controls (1) Line PrinTer (LPT) devices (1) Liquid Crystal Display LCD Introduction (1) MAX 232 Interfacing with Microcontroller 8052 (1) MAX 232 level converter (1) MAX 232 serial communication (1) MCS-51 family microcontrollers (1) MCU-PC-serial-interface (1) MOVING MESSAGE DISPLAY USING ATMEL 89C51 (1) MSp430 I2c (1) Mechanical methods (1) Memory of 8051 (1) Memory Model (1) Memory Organization (1) Memory mapping (1) Microchip PIC (1) Microcontroller 8051 Projects in c language (1) Microcontroller 8051 and adc (1) Microcontroller 89c52 (1) Microcontroller Applications (1) Microcontroller Circuits (1) Microcontroller Interface with PC parallel port (1) Microcontroller Port2 (1) Microcontroller data logger (1) Microcontroller to LCD (1) Microcontroller51 MCu 8051 LED interface (1) Microprocessor-Compatible (1) MixZing Music Player (1) Mode Selection (1) Modern DAC (1) Moisture Sensors Devices (1) Motor speed control circuits and projects (1) Moving Message Display (1) Multiplex 74ls138 74ls04 8051 16f877 (1) Multiplex LED seven segment diaplay with microcontroller interfacing 74ls138 74ls04 8051 16f877 (1) NAND (1) NOP in 8051 (1) NOR (1) NPN transistor (1) Non-insulated SCR (1) Nyquist A/D converters (1) Nyquist sampling criterion (1) OJ0800 DAC (1) ON-CHIP SERIAL PORT (1) OPAMP LM324 (1) Objective of the project based on microcontroller 8051 (1) On-Chip Clock Generator (1) Open (1) Operational Amplifier (1) Optical Sensor Subroutine (1) Optical sensor (1) Optocoupler and diac MOC3041 (1) PC (1) PC parallel port (1) PC side program for interfacing (1) PCM codec ICs or DSP interface ICs (1) PERIPHERAL INTERFACE PROJECT OF PRESSURE MONITORING (1) PGAs (1) PIC I2C (1) PROGRAM MEMORY (1) PWM with microcontroller 8051 for SCR or triac power control (1) Peripherals Keypad (1) Philips PDS51 development board (1) Pin assignment of liquid crystal display (1) Potentiometric (1) Potentiometric transducer (1) Pressure Sensing System (1) Pressure gauges and switches (1) Pressure monitoring with microcontroller 8051 (1) Pressure sensing and controlling (1) Pressure sensor and transducer (1) Printer Port's addresses in the BIOS Data Area (1) Program counter address (1) Programmable Gain Amplifiers (1) Programming Aspects (1) Programming Aspects of Moving message display project using 8051assembly language program for lcd (1) Project Description (1) Properties of graphite (1) Pseudo-Absolute Encoder (1) RAM of MCU (1) RAM of microcontroller (1) ROM-to-RAM ratio (1) RS-232 Level Converter (1) RS-232 Level Converters (1) RS-232 Standard (1) RS-232 communication (1) RS-232 serial communication (1) RS232 with 8051 (1) RS232 and Microcontroller 80s52 (1) RS232 and microcontroller schematics and C code (1) RS232 communication (1) RS232 serial communication (1) Receive Data (1) Receive Interrupt of 8051 (1) Register Banks of 8052 Microcontroller (1) Relative Humidity Project (1) Reluctive (1) Remote apps for PC and Mac (1) Remotely view (1) Resonant Wire (1) Routine interfacing LCD with 8051 Programmer's Corner. (1) Rs-232 smoke analyzer (1) SAKURA BOARD (1) SBUF and SCON (1) SBUF register (1) SCR control (1) SERIAL PORT REGISTERS (1) SMS Based Controlling Machines Using GSM Mobile and microcontroller 8051 (1) SN7447 (1) SN7447AN decoder (1) SN74LS373 Latch with 3-State Outputs and interface with microcontroller (1) Schematic Circuit Diagram Speedometer Accurate measurement of speed (1) Science/Research (1) Scratchpad Registers (1) Security Camera Systems (1) Selection of Humidity sensor or transducer or transmitter (1) Sensor (1) Sensors (1) Serial Communication (1) Serial Communication RS-232 (1) Serial Communication microcontroller to PC (1) Serial Interfacing of Microcontroller 8051 in Automatic Car Parking Project (1) Serial or Parallel (1) Servo Actuator and DC Motor. (1) Setting the Serial Port Baud Rate (1) Seven (1) Seven Segment Displays of Pressure Monitoring Project (1) Seven Segment Subroutine (1) Signal control on ADC0804 (1) Silicon Serial Number (1) Smartphone (1) Software Download (1) Software Freuency meter and pulse width measurement (1) Software writting procedures serial port communication (1) Solenoid Valve (1) Solenoid Valve Control System Using 8051 Microcontroller (1) Solenoid Valve Controls (1) Solenoid Valve Supplier (1) Start your car remotely (1) Static Power Switches (1) Stepper Motor Control System Interfaced with Personal Computer (1) Stepper Motor Control System Interfaced with Personal Computer serial port baud rate (1) Stepper Motor Subroutine (1) Stepper motor control in assembly lanuage (1) Strain Gage (1) Strobed Input (1) Supply Check Valves (1) Supporting AT commands (1) Synchronous Serial Communication (1) TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER (1) TEXT display (1) TIMER CONTROL (1) TRIAC control circuits (1) TTL (1) TTL CMOS logic level (1) TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs (1) Temperature Controls (1) Temperature and Humidity Data Logger (1) Temperature sensors (1) Testing Circuit humidity sensing project (1) The Interface of ADC0804 with microcontroller 8051 (1) The MICROCONTROLLERS (1) The interface of DS17885 with at89c51 (1) Timer and counters circuits (1) Timer and counters of 8051 (1) Timer/counters (1) Transducer Types (1) Transmit Data (1) Two types of connectors are used for RS232 communication (1) U shaped tubes (1) UP and Down counter (1) USB programmer of microcontroller (1) Ultimate PC Remote Control (1) UltralISO (1) Understanding 8051 (1) Universal Blue Tooth controller software (1) Universal PC remote control from your phone or tabletRemotely browse your (1) Use of MICROCONTROLLER in Pressure Monitoring Project (1) VB6 RS-232 serial communication example program with microcontroller 8051 or PIC or AVR (1) VB6 serial interface (1) VLC (1) Von Neuman architecture (1) WDTV Media Players Remote app (1) WIN-Remote (1) Waveform Digitizer Capturing (1) Weather AnemometerRoom HumidityHome HumidityHumidity Cabinet (1) What are the time trigger applications (1) What is null modem cable (1) Wi-Fi Based Home Automation System (1) Wifi (1) Windows Media Player (1) Windows PC over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (1) Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry (1) Wireless Humidity Sensor (1) Wireless sensor based Vehicle central Lock Control System using Microcontroller (1) XBMC (1) XOR (1) ZERO-CROSS OPTOISOLATER TRIAC DRIVER OUTPUT MOC3041 (1) Zero crossing Optocoupler MOC3041 (1) access control car (1) accuracy of adc (1) addresses in hexadecimal are 378h (1) algorithm for pulse width measurements (1) alphanumaric LCD (1) analog input voltage to the ADC (1) analog temperature sensor (1) analog to digital conversion (1) analog voltage signal generation of 0 to 10V (1) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) (1) and 37Ah (1) and DS1685 PC real-time clocks (1) and Storing (1) android gmote server linux (1) android market (1) android remote (1) anode (1) apps for special education (1) assembly code circuits (1) assembly code projects (1) assigned devices LPT1 (1) aston martin (1) at89c51 as counter (1) atmel 2051 (1) atmel humidity Assembly Language code (1) atmel serial eeprom (1) autocop car security system (1) automatic car parking system using microcontroller (1) automatic car parking system with microcontroller (1) automatic control systems (1) avr i2c (1) best wireless camera security system (1) better resolution (1) bigger LCD (1) biomedical instrumentation (1) blocked motor start rotating (1) blue control modern (1) board development and fabrication (1) brown out detector (1) build simple calculator using keypad (1) buzzer siron (1) byte read (1) c language code (1) c language program (1) c++ code (1) calibration of ADC and DACs (1) capacitive (1) car parking and microcontroller (1) carbon dioxide (1) carbon monoxide (1) characteristics of analog sensor (1) charging the battery (1) circuit design for a elevator (1) circuit diagram (1) circuit diagram for intestinal sound detector (1) circuit diagram multiplex led (1) circuit diagram of moving message display (1) circuit diagram of serial communication via rs232 (1) circuit diagram of the microcontroller project for humidity and clocking (1) circuit diagram to interface LCD with Microcontroller 8051 (1) circuit disgram of stepper motor (1) circuit prototyping (1) clock vis (1) clocked out (1) code (1) code for gsm modem interfacing with p89v51rd2 microcontroller (1) code for microcontroller (1) commands of lcs (1) comminication (1) common (1) common 8N1 format (1) communicating direct with the aircraft computer (1) communication of the data between PC and RAM. (1) compatible digital interface (1) computer (1) condition (1) conio.h (1) construction of a pressure sensing system using 8051 (1) control cars remotely (1) control solid state relays (1) control stepper motor with 8051 (1) control system with 8051 (1) controller 8051 led display (1) convert the analog voltages to digital signal (1) cotton industry pressure monitoring project (1) crestron prodigy remote control (1) crestron remote control system (1) crestron universal remote control (1) current to voltage conversion circuit (1) current-carrying capacity (1) dac interfacing with 8051 microcontroller circuit diagram (1) data acquisition system using 8051 (1) data communication (1) data loging (1) database editor (1) db9 cable (1) db9 connector (1) db9 price (1) db9 serial (1) db9 serial port (1) debugging testing (1) decimal output value of an 8-bit ADC (1) decoded 74ls138 (1) designed pressure sensor and transducer (1) diagram (1) difference between timer and counter microcontroller (1) digital clocks and digital watches (1) digital clocks and watches (1) digital converters (1) digital electronics (1) digital gate 74LS08 (1) digital logic (1) digital presentation of pressure (1) digitally operated valve (1) directly converts displacement (1) disk (1) display (1) dos.h (1) download codes for free (1) download gmote (1) dsp i2c (1) duty cycle controller (1) easy way to monitor pulses from heart on finger (1) electromagnetic (1) electromagnetic switches (1) embedded system products (1) emission (1) emulator kit (1) encoder (1) ericsson at command microcontroller (1) example programs (1) exit gate motor (1) external AT24C512 EEPROM memory (1) external and internal counters of 8051 (1) flash architecture (1) flashing text message (1) flow measurements (1) flowrate height of fluid (1) for media players (1) free remote apps iPhone and iPod Touch (1) free softwares full versions (1) frequency counter (1) frequency counter in proteus (1) fullversions (1) gmote (1) gmote 2.0 (1) gmote connection problem (1) gmote vs gmote remote (1) gom player (1) graphics.h (1) gsm control 8051 (1) handshaking and control (1) hardware media players (1) heart beat counter using microcontroller 8051 (1) hex 24 to bcd 8052 (1) hexagonal (1) hidden switches (1) hole (1) home appliance control (1) home automation (1) home security system (1) home security system microcontroller code (1) homemade materials (1) how clear lcd screen (1) how to calculate the checksum? What are HEX files? (1) hydraulic solenoids (1) hyper terminal (1) i2c 51 (1) i2c fpga (1) i2c slave (1) i2c verilog (1) i2c vhdl (1) i2c wince (1) iTunes & Foobar (1) image decpder for graphic LCD (1) image writer (1) in c51 (1) indoor plants (1) initialization of bit (1) input output ports computer (1) inputs (1) instruction register (1) interface (1) interfacing lm 35 with adc0804 (1) interfacing of 8051 (1) interfacing of ADC0804 with microcontroller (1) interfacing of LCD with microcontroller 8051 (1) interfacing of LCD with microcontroller 8051 heart beat meter display on LCD speaker for sound information (1) internal reset circuit (1) interrupt 3 (1) interrupt priority levels (1) interrupt sources (1) intrins.h (1) inverter 74LS 04 (1) inverters (1) iostream.h (1) iron bar (1) itunes account (1) keil c51 Uv2 and is tested with UV3 (1) keil c51 code (1) kmplayer winamp (1) latches (1) latech 73ls373 (1) lcd CONNECTIONS (1) lcd connexion with 8051 circuit (1) learning stuff of microcontroller (1) least significant bit (1) led grow light (1) level gauge (1) level indicator (1) level monitor (1) level sensor (1) level transducer (1) limits (1) liquid crystal display (1) liquid level alarm using 8051 microcontroller at89c51 ADC0804 (1) list of media players (1) literature on ADC (1) lm324 brigde amplifier (1) lm35 temperature sensor interface with 8051 (1) logic (1) logical TTL pulses counter (1) lpt1 (1) machine code (1) machine cycles of 8051 (1) manufacturers’ parameters (1) max232 circuit (1) max232 datasheet (1) max232 schematic (1) measure heart beats pulses with microcntroller 8051 (1) measure the frequency (1) media library and select songs (1) media players for tv (1) micro-controller and micro-processor bios and RTC interface (1) microcontroller 8051 project to monitor pressure (1) microcontroller 8052 (1) microcontroller 89c51 (1) microcontroller 89c51 89c52 8051 (1) microcontroller and MAX232 (1) microcontroller automation (1) microcontroller based lift controller for three stories (1) microcontroller based moving message display (1) microcontroller based stepper motor control. (1) microcontroller board to control Solenoid Valves (1) microcontroller connect pc (1) microcontroller interface with LCD (1) microcontroller pwm (1) microcontroller timer (1) microcontrollers or microprocessors (1) microprocessor assembly language code (1) mini project interfacing microcontroller pressure sensor (1) motor protection (1) mouse pointer (1) moving message display using 8051 microcontroller (1) multiplex LED display (1) multiplex addressing (1) multiplex input (1) multiplex seven segment six digit display (1) multiplexed address and data bus (1) nios i2c (1) noise problem in circuit (1) optical sensor in car parking (1) optocoupler circuit diagram (1) optocoupler interfacing with microcontroller (1) oscillators frequency (1) output PINs of ADC (1) oven proteus optocoupler (1) page read (1) parallel port of PC (1) parallel port programmer (1) pc i o ports (1) photoconductive (1) photovoltaic (1) plump tomato (1) pneumatic pressure (1) pneumatic solenoids (1) port expander (1) power controller (1) pressure sensor adc (1) pressure transducer or proximity (1) pressurized fluids (1) program (1) programmable frequency (1) project for at 89s51 (1) proteus i2c (1) prototype (1) proximity sensor for using liquid level sense connect with microcontroller (1) pulse counter (1) pulse rate of a human heart (1) pulses (1) ratiometric (1) real player (1) receiver and transmitter (1) reg51.h (1) repeatability of results (1) resistance thermometers and thermocouples (1) resistive (1) resolution of adc (1) resolution of sensor (1) road side display boards (1) rpm meter (1) rtc ds1307 based alarm controller avr microcontroller (1) save power motor (1) save your water resources (1) scanner project (1) schmitt-trigger (1) scrolling message (1) scrolling text (1) security car alarm system (1) segment (1) sensors based data acquistion system 8051 (1) sensors based on data acquistion system using 8051 (1) sensors such as a pressure sensor (1) serial data interface between eeprom and microcntroller (1) serial eeprom (1) serial mode of communication (1) serial port (1) serial port RS 232 on 9600 baud rate (1) serial port communication (1) serial port data transfer (1) serial programmer (1) shift registers (1) show image on Graphic LCD (1) sigma-delta modulation (1) signal processing (1) simple for 8052 interfacing project (1) smart phone (1) smoke emission machine (1) smoke emission testing machine (1) smoke opacimeter (1) software (1) software for SGM modem (1) software to acquire data on PC (1) speed of adc (1) stability in response (1) stand-alone 8051 (1) stepper motor 6 wire connection block diagram (1) stepper motors (1) stepping sequences to motor (1) subroutines for lcd (1) sulphur dioxide (1) system abstract car security (1) tachometer sensor (1) tank over flow (1) temperature furnace (1) temperature measurement (1) temperature monitoring and control projects (1) temperature sensor using 8051 and adc (1) text light scrolling (1) textile industry pressure monitoring project (1) thermocouple (1) three stories lift (1) timer (1) touch cases (1) touch firmware (1) touch unlocker (1) transducers (1) transferred to micro controller (1) triac control (1) triac control circuit switches (1) triac lighting-control circuit (1) uln2003 (1) universal remote control android app (1) unln 2003 interface with microcontroller (1) use and types of Analogue Sensors (1) using 8051 counter (1) vehicle security (1) velocity (1) velocity measurement (1) verilog i2c (1) vertical scroll (1) water (1) water level monitoring and control using microcontroller 8051 (1) weatherstation (1) which is better for messuring liquid pulse width (1) which physcial quantity is measured with analog sensors (1) wifi automation (1) wireless car alarms (1) working memory model (1) write byte (1) 微控制器项目和概述 (1)